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Jones Tools & Manufacturing ensures unmatched precision of each component we produce. With our superior grinder capabilities, we finish work pieces which must be smooth on the surface, but highly accurate in shape and dimension. The head of a grinder is tightly controlled, delivering extreme accuracy while removing metal. Grinders cause the piece to become heated, therefore a coolant is used to keep the component within tolerance.

Learn which industries benefit from grinding and CNC machining services by reading our FAQ. 

Jones Tools & Manufacturing has extensive component machining experience, excelling in all areas of grinding and sanding applications. High reliability and precision are essential to all of our machines. For extra-large surfaces, we recommend a high-performance surface grinder, for guaranteed reliability and accuracy across large areas. Any machine can be customized to meet your individual needs with our expansive assortment of tools and accessories utilized at Jones Tools & Manufacturing.  All of our grinders and CNC machines are operated by highly trained machinists ensuring high quality workmanship and increased performance and efficiency.

Jones Tools & Manufacturing provides advanced levels of machining capabilities to meet the demands of industry professionals, nationwide. If you need an estimate on your machined part, submit your part print online today.

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