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CNC Milling Services for a Variety of Industries

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A milling machine is used for complex shaping of metal or other solid materials. It performs many different operations, including slot cutting, spotting, drilling, face milling, side milling, boring and tapping. An end mill rotates on a spindle axis with a movable table below which holds the work piece. The machine can be operated either manually or with computer numerical control.

CNC milling machines have revolutionized the manufacturing process, providing a greater level of precision than most manual machines.  Milling machines maintain consistency throughout multiple production jobs, consistently producing identical parts with unbeatable accuracy. CNC milling machines require little supervision once programmed and are very simple to operate. CNC milling machines play a large role in enhancing our customer’s profitability, by increasing production runs without compromising the quality of components. With the capabilities to carry out such accuracy, our CNC milling machines avoid the unnecessary wastage other machines create, lowering overall costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

The various milling machines Jones Tools & Manufacturing utilizes include:

  • Argo Seiki A56+APC
  • Bridgeport VMC1000
  • Bridgeport VMC760

These CNC milling machines allow the production of widely used component parts in a variety of industries.

Find out the standard tolerances for CNC Machining at Jones Tools by visiting our FAQ. 

Advantages of CNC Milling Machines:

  • High level of accuracy
  • Faster operating speeds
  • Powerful spindles
  • Eco friendly
  • Reliable
  • Superior rigidity

Jones Tools & Manufacturing provides technological services capable of optimizing machine performance, offering the best solutions for your specific production needs. From analyzing machining cycles, to determining the right equipment, we always provide turnkey solutions.
Jones Tools & Manufacturing delivers consistent high quality component parts with faster lead times.

Contact our custom component part manufacturer specialists online today to receive a prompt, free cost estimate.
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