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Sawing Capabilities

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Production Sawing Equipment delivers high production cutting of a wide variety of materials. Precision cutting can be provided for rounds, squares, shapes, flats, bars, tubes or extrusions. Along with production sawing, we also offer facing, chamfering, centering and end deburring.

About Sawing Services

Jones Tools & Manufacturing houses a state-of-the-art sawing facility capable of cutting tubing, beams and bars with precision and consistency. We have invested in the highest quality cold saws and band saws capable of cutting with minimal burr and no discoloration. Our team of experienced manufacturing engineers provides high-quality, precision parts for a wide range of industries. Through our investment in “cutting edge” equipment, we are able to cut with such accuracy as to eliminate the need for additional machining.

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Services Provided:

  • Mitered Cutting
  • Facing
  • Chamfering
  • Centering
  • End Deburring

Jones Tools & Manufacturing Sawing Capabilities

Automatic Production Cold SawOur equipment can cut virtually any ferrous or non-ferrous material—aluminum, copper, brass, steel, titanium and more. We have clients nationwide ranging from medical equipment parts suppliers to aerospace engineering.

Sawing Equipment:

  • Behringer HBP220A Band Saw – 8.5” square capacity
  • Heller KA315 Automatic Cold Saw – 3.75” round capacity

Jones Tools & Manufacturing Commitment To Service

When we started this business in 1972, our goal was to become a trusted partner for businesses and industries needing precision machined parts. We built our business on quality workmanship, timely delivery and fair pricing. To that end, we are continually upgrading our production capabilities with equipment that helps make this all possible.

With our cutting-edge facility and skilled work force, we can assure you of components meeting your exact requirements—delivered with shorter lead times than our competitors. We offer free, no-obligation quotes for production sawing and machining.

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