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Precision CNC Turning

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Our CNC Turning Centers provide a stable platform for high quality and high performance machining of small to medium diameter parts. Once the design file for the part is uploaded, the machine will continually turn out precisely machined parts with ease of setting, repeatability, simple operation and precise accuracy.

About CNC Turning

CNC Turning Services WisconsinCNC turning enables a single-point cutting tool to work in a straight line, at an angle or along a curve to create a wide variety of complex shapes. Many simple and complex parts can be machined on our CNC turning center. With a 4-axis lathe, we have the capability to create precision parts for a huge range of industries. Jones Tools & Manufacturing regularly provides precision-made bearings, bushings and other components for a wide range of aerospace and industrial applications.

Learn more about the standard tolerances for CNC Machining and turning from our FAQ. 

Custom Machining Capabilities

Our engineering team can produce custom designed parts manufactured to ANSI regulations and your exact specifications in virtually any metal you require. Let us know what you need. Our engineering staff is happy to work with you to develop the custom parts you need. Simply submit your part print and we will get back to you with a cost estimate and a production schedule.

A Trusted Partner For Precision Machining

Jones Tools & Manufacturing is a solutions-driven manufacturer of component parts. We guarantee consistently high-quality craftsmanship and quicker lead times than our competitors, as well as exceptional customer service. Our clients include suppliers, plant managers and buyers all across America. The list grows almost daily.

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