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Our Vertical Machining Center (VMC) utilizes break-through technology for Computer Numerical Control Machining. Vertical Machining uses a vertically-oriented spindle so tools stick straight down from the holder. Then they cut across the surface of the work piece. VMC can hold tight tolerances on challenging parts with excellent speed and consistent accuracy.

About Jones Tools & Manufacturing Vertical Machining Centers

Like other machining tools, the vertical machining center is a CNC system. It is known as a vertical machining center because its primary spindle positioned vertically to the machining table. Our vertical machining centers  have the capability to machine parts so small they are measured in microns, as well as large scale pieces.

Some of the various vertical machining centers Jones Tools & Manufacturing utilizes include:

Argo Seiki A56+APC

Vertical Machining Center

Bridgeport VMC1000

Vertical Machining Center

Vertical Machining Services Wisconsin

Benefits of Vertical Machining

One of the great benefits of vertical machining is the ability to control 3 axis simultaneously. With the addition of a server motor and a linear drive, we can even control up to 6 axis. Another advantage of vertical machining is the ability to machine up to 5 sides of a component with just one setup—those 5 sides consisting of the component’s top and 4 sides.

Read our FAQ to learn about the difference between vertical and horizontal milling machines

Applications For Vertical Machining

There are countless applications where vertical machining is ideal. In fact, any part where speed and extreme precision matter is a candidate. Engine and transmission components, turbines, motors, pump housings, printing and textiles machinery, even the aerospace and defense industry all require the degree of precision capable and afforded by vertical machining centers.

Custom Machining A Jones Tools & Manufacturing Specialty

Whether your needs are straightforward or complex, Jones Tools & Manufacturing is here to help. Just submit your part print and our engineering team will provide any recommendations they may have as well as a competitive price quote. We guarantee consistently high-quality craftsmanship and quicker lead times than our competitors, as well as exceptional customer service.

Contact the top Vertical Machining Center manufacturers today for more information on our machining capabilities and to submit your part print for a free quote.
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