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BushingsJones Tools & Manufacturing utilizes the highest quality materials, providing stronger and better performing bushings than leading competitors. No matter which parts you need, our machining specialists have the capabilities and experience to meet your exact product specifications. We will even work with custom component parts if your bushings are not regulation size.

Bushings are plain bearing instruments inserted into a housing and used for mostly rotary applications, such as wheels and turbines. Jones Tools & Manufacturing produces bushings used in a large variety of industrial equipment, including power transmission applications. Our bushings are typically used in conveyors, mechanical stops and other engineering controls. Regardless of how your part will be used, we promise to provide the best possible bushing for your exact needs with a fast turnaround time.

Our types of bushings include:

  • Split – used mostly for high-load/low speed operations in harsh environments
  • Double Split – allows for high-torque applications and provides strong hold on shafts
  • Threaded – can be inserted into an object and act as a fastener for different materials such as plastics, sheet metal, and sandwich panel

Whether you need a single bushing, a small batch or a large production run, we at Jones Tools & Manufacturing are the leading bushing suppliers delivering the quantity you need when you need them. We will always strive to meet your exact specifications.

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CNC Machinists

Bushings for Aerospace and Industrial Applications

Manufactured to ANSI regulations, our team of engineers can produce custom designed bearings in small or large quantities, meeting your exact specifications. From plain to flanged bushings, we can supply custom created bushings in nearly any type of metal. If you’re requesting a custom bushing, keep in mind your design should take into consideration radial, axial, torsional and conical leads. If you have any questions or concerns about bushing design, our team of engineers is happy to work with you to create the perfect custom part to keep your machines running at optimal capacity.

Whether you need bushings or any other custom machined part, Jones Tools & Manufacturing will provide the exact component part you need with quicker lead times and higher quality.

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