Non-Standard Fastener Parts for a Wide Range of Industries

Non Standard FastenersJones Tools & Manufacturing has the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturing capabilities to precisely produce and quickly deliver even the rarest non-standard fasteners. Many businesses require certain fasteners which aren’t available as standard, and we at Jones Tools & Manufacturing can provide you with a wide range of materials which may not be available anywhere else.

Many products are included in our non-standard fastener production:

  • Anchors
  • Bolts
  • Hardware
  • Nuts
  • Rivets
  • Screws
  • Sockets
  • Clamps
  • Washers

Jones Tools & Manufacturing’s production team is highly skilled and experienced in a wide-range of non-standard fastener production. With a combination of CNC, automatic machinery, and manual machinery, our capabilities will exceed your industry component needs.

Find out the standard tolerances for CNC Machining at Jones Tools. 

CNC Machinists Producing Non-Standard Fasteners

Non-Standard Fastener Component Materials and Finishes

Jones Tools & Manufacturing is experienced in machining various metals from carbon alloys to stainless steels and nickel.  We also perform a wide-range of finishing services which include heat treating, metal plating and anodizing to make certain we produce the finished machined part you depend on. Submit your component part print today for a free quote on your fastener needs.

Whether your order is high- or low-volume, we provide you with the exact, highest-quality fasteners produced by Jones Tool & Manufacturing. Our skilled craftsmen have a wide range of experience in dealing with difficult-to-produce, nonstandard fasteners. Machining can be duplicated in exactly the same manner as many times as needed. In fact, more complex fasteners would be virtually impossible to achieve through manual machining, no matter how expert the machinist. 

Our CNC manufacturing specialists are committed to delivering exactly what you need precisely when you need it. Jones Tools & Manufacturing has earned an outstanding reputation for top-quality production, on-time delivery, superb customer service and consultation.

***For additional component part inquiries, submit your part print today.

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