Near Net Shape Manufacturing with Forgings and Castings

Forging and Casting

Jones Tools & Manufacturing provides near net shape manufacturing technologies to produce your finished component part at the best possible price. Whether it’s drilling or threading, we have the capabilities and experience to utilize your custom forging or casting to provide the finished machining you need.

At Jones Tools & Manufacturing we always strive to give you the best possible customer experience possible with our work. Utilizing near net shape manufacturing means you get better component parts with a faster turnaround time. Our engineers are experienced with custom forgings and bushings as well to meet your exact part specifications. 

CNC Machinists Providing Near Net Shape Manufacturing

Forging Components for Wisconsin Industries

Forging is the process of hot working a metal piece into the desired shape, and with different zones of porosity, the metal is forced in the direction it is being worked. Forgings are utilized for a variety of component part needs, and we at Jones Tools & Manufacturing have the capabilities to utilize your specific forging to precisely produce the component part needed. Forged components we make here are commonly used in industrial applications, including:

  • Agricultural
  • Oil Field
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Shipbuilding

Forged parts are durable and reliable even after years of daily use. Available at cost-effective prices, the engineers at Jones Tools & Manufacturing can provide custom forged solutions for nearly any application.

See what industries best benefit from our forgings and castings by Jones Tools. 

Custom Castings Made by Jones Tools

Castings are utilized for complex component parts which can’t be built with the forging process. Castings are extremely versatile, expanding our capabilities to deliver products for a vast variety of industries. We have the capabilities to utilize your specific casting to produce the unique component parts needed. Custom cast parts and components from Jones Tools & Manufacturing results in exceptional products for a wide variety of industries. We work closely with our customers, helping to design and create high quality scale models and prototypes. Near net shape castings are utilized for various applications and industries. From food processing to waste water treatment, rely on the professional component engineers for superior custom part manufacturing.

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