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Hubs and FlangesJones Tools & Manufacturing offers industrial flange and hub manufacturing for a variety of applications. We have the capabilities to produce both small and large diameters in various grades of material.

CNC Machinists Producing Hubs and Flanges

We produce flanges in varied metals including aluminum, steel and nickel. Our manufactured flanges are available in several sizes to meet your industry component needs. Whether you need threaded flanges, drilling flanges or socket welding flanges, Jones Tools & Manufacturing has the machining capabilities to produce the specific type of flange you need, when you need it.

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A flange is an external or internal ridge utilized for a variety of industries. Flanges are also used to attach one object to another, including pipes, steam cylinders and even the mount of a camera lens. A variety of applications used in the environment require the need for compact flanges to prevent leaks. These compact flanges are often used in oil and gas subsea applications, gas injection and nuclear applications.

We manufacturer a variety of discontinued or obsolete hub and flange parts you need to complete your machine part needs. Whether it’s a hub, flange or any other machined component part, count on Jones Tools & Manufacturing for all your industry application needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Flanges

Q: What is a flange?

A: A flange is an external or internal ridge used to attach one object to another. This includes connecting everything from industrial pipes and cylinders to the mount of a camera lens. 

Q: What are flanges used for?

A: Flanges are used to attach two parts, most often pipes. Since flanges have ridges, they form a lip where bolts or screws can be used to secure parts together. This additional material creates stronger bonds and reduces the chance of leaks from the pipe. Flanges also allow greater control over temperature and pressure within the pipes by forming a reliable seal. As a result, our flanges have been used in oil, gas, and nuclear facilities as well.

Q: Which industries use flanges?

A: Almost every industry utilizes flanges in some capacity. The oil and gas industry relies on flanges to prevent costly leaks in their extensive piping systems. Nuclear, gas, and electrical plants all use flanges, along with many industries reliant on liquid or gas transportation.

Q: What are materials are used for flange manufacturing?

A: At Jones Tools, we produce metal flanges in aluminum, nickel, and steel. We also offer metal plating with gold, silver, zinc, chromium, and copper should you require it. Just contact our machining team to discuss the details of your flange materials.

Q: Are there different types of flanges?

A: Yes, there are several different types of flanges used to meet a variety of purposes. Jones Tools manufactures all types, including custom designs.

  • Slip-on flange
  • Blind flange
  • Welding neck flange
  • Lap joint flange
  • Threaded flange
  • Drilling flange
  • Socket welding flanges
  • Socket weld flange

If you require a specific flange not listed here, please contact our machining experts today for more information on our custom flanges.

Q: Which flange is right for my industrial needs?

A: Different industries require different parts. From the metal used to the flange type, there are a lot of choices when you arrange to have a flange made with Jones Tools. Our highly trained experts are ready to assist you from start to finish through the entire flange manufacturing process. Years of industry experience allow us to offer the best advice on flange production.

Q: The flange I need is no longer produced. Can you help?

A: Yes! We are able to manufacture many discontinued or hard to obtain flange and hub parts thanks to our CNC machines. Contact our engineers today for more information.

Q: What size flanges can you manufacture?

A: Jones Tools has manufactured flanges with many different diameters. While many are industry standard, we are able to create custom sizes as well.

Q: How long will it take to make custom flanges?

A: Jones Tools is dedicated to reducing lead times with our flange manufacturing process. Our engineering experts will tell you how long it will take to complete your custom or non-standard flanges.

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