Retainer and Mounting Plate Machinists

Mounting Plates

Jones Tools & Manufacturing produces retainer and mounting plates utilized in a variety of industries.

The plates produced by Jones Tools & Manufacturing are commonly used to hold motors, sensors or switches and enable a series of components. The threaded pins which provide secure fastening apply outward pressure on the rod to ensure a stabilized plate position when the pins are tightened.

Jones Tools & Manufacturing creates custom retainer and mounting plates for many industrial applications including, but not limited to:

  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mining

Custom Retainer Plates

We have the equipment to manufacture custom retainer plates to your exact specifications. Our skilled team of engineers will work with you to ensure your new components fit your application.

Jones Tools & Manufacturing has the equipment and capabilities to create reliable retainer plates for a variety of industries from mining vehicles to agricultural equipment.

Find out what industries are best served by retainer and mounting plates in the CNC Machining indsutry by Jones Tool. 

Mounting Plates

Our engineers have experience manufacturing custom OEM components like mounting plates. Mounting plates can be used for an unlimited number of applications like keeping motors in place in mining vehicles or agricultural equipment, and securing switches or sensors in conveyor or medical equipment.  Manufacturers commonly use mounting plates for attaching pieces onto their equipment.

For custom retainer or mounting plate part needs, count on Jones Tools & Manufacturing to deliver the parts you need with the highest quality and the shortest lead time. 

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