OEM Engineered Component Parts

OEM Engineered PartOEM component parts machining is our area of expertise. Jones Tools & Manufacturing has been manufacturing OEM component parts for decades for a wide range of businesses including, but not limited to:

  • Food Production
  • Packaging
  • Aerospace
  • Oilfield

As the demand grows so does our machining skillset. We produce OEM component parts strictly adhering to your specifications. Once your part print is submitted our manufacturing engineer will review your drawings and product requirements to ensure a precision machined part is made. Order your component parts today to receive flawless, machined parts. Custom milling and turning done right to fulfill any of your machining applications.OEM Part Supplier Wisconsin

Completed Component Part Finishing Services

Jones Tools & Manufacturing also provides comprehensive finishing services for our OEM engineered component parts.  Some of finishing services include:

  • Heat Treating – We utilize heat treating to bring your completed component to the correct level of hardness, toughness, ductility based on your application needs and exact specifications.
  • Metal Plating – We are capable of plating your metal part with another metal like chromium to increase corrosion resistance, improve the appearance of your part, increase magnetism, or change the conductivity of your part.
  • Anondizing – This process is typically used for aluminum or other nonferrous components. Anondizing makes the oxide level on the metal thicker, and changes the crystal structure and microscopic texture of the metal’s surface. Anondizing is usually done to improve corrosion resistance or help paints adhere more effectively.

Most finishing services can be complicated if the right procedures are not followed correctly. Let the engineers at Jones Tools & Manufacturing take care of your components from start to finish so you know they will be done correctly.

Review Jones Tools standard tolerances for CNC Machining to see how the requirements match with your purchasing order.  

Custom Manufacturing Solutions

Our team of engineers works closely with each client, providing custom engineered solutions to meet the manufacturing needs of customers throughout Wisconsin. We deliver high quality products and incredible customer service. Jones Tools & Manufacturing understand the importance of meeting deadlines, and our OEM castings parts are consistently delivered on time.

From non-standard OEM parts to custom created components, our team of manufacturing engineers adheres to the highest quality standards delivering a perfectly machined part.

***For additional component part inquiries, submit your part print today.

Contact our manufacturing engineer today with your design and procure your specific machine part needs.
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