Custom Pulley Manufacturer Fulfilling a Wide Range of Industry Needs

PulleysPulleys are wheels on axles which come in a variety of sizes designed to support movement. Pulleys are utilized in a variety of applications when applying force, and are available in gauge tubing along with heavy wall. With your specific pulley part print, our manufacturing engineer will design your convex pulley system to meet your specific mechanical needs. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified CNC machine shop delivering high quality custom pulleys. Jones Tools & Manufacturing efficiently fabricates customized pulleys using the latest technologies in machining to ensure cost-effective machined parts.

Pulley Manufacturer Wisconsin

Pulley Manufacturing for a Variety of Applications

Jones Tools & Manufacturing is a dependable manufacturer, focused on excellent customer service and forming business relationships. We can produce a variety of different pulley types, including:

  • Split
  • Spun
  • Stamped
  • Machined

We can manufacture custom diameter pulleys, ranging from single groove configurations to multiple grooves, depending on the application. Based on your specific requirements, we can incorporate threaded holes for setscrews and insertion of bushings, delivering your custom manufactured pulley to your exact specifications.

To understand the standard tolerances for CNC Machining by Jones Tools follow this link to see our list of FAQs.  

We are committed to providing quality pulleys which strictly conform to your specifications and design requirements.

***For additional component part inquiries, submit your part print today.

Contact our component engineer today for assistance on ordering your specific pulley system or machine part.
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