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Machine Shaft Suppliers WisconsinOur extensive machining experience provides Jones Tools & Manufacturing with the advantage to expertly produce specially designed component parts. We provide the necessary tooling to engineer high-quality industrial shaft parts. As a leading shaft supplier, we will manufacturer your part to your exact specifications ensuring we meet all your machining needs. Jones Tools & Manufacturing offers only the finest precision machining, from material to finish, Jones Tools & Manufacturing has the highest quality of milling and machining services. Whether you’re in the turning, face driving, spline rolling, heat treating or grinding industry, we have you covered.

Explore what metal and non-metal materials can be altered into shafts by reading our CNC Machining FAQs. 

Shaft Manufacturer Wisconsin

Premium Machined Shafts

Jones Tools engineers custom machined shafts which consistently exceed customer expectations. Expertly designed to meet your exact specifications, we use only high quality materials which can withstand extensive daily use, resisting deterioration and damage even at high temperatures and fast rotating speeds. From generator shafts to large diameter shafts, rely on our team to deliver the part you need when you need it. 

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