Consistent Costs Help Full Line Industrial Distributor Grow 200%

Jones has offered us consistent costing for our machining work. On numerous parts, we have been able to hold pricing for extended periods of time. That has proven key to us as we build relationships based on consistency in pricing with our customers.

We are locked into several long term contracts, and the ability to not have to raise our customers’ costs has been a tremendous asset. Jones Tool has helped us work through inventory issues, as they have held our raw material for us and processed on a release schedule to streamline our inventory. Storing that material has also helped us save space on our warehouse floor.

Jones also does an excellent job communicating lead times and being up front with their capabilities. We appreciate that honesty and our customers appreciate it as well.

Single source shops work well for my business because it eliminates the necessity to issue multiple purchase orders to complete a part. This saves our company money. More importantly, it saves me labor of having to receive parts and reprocess them for their next operation. Shipping cost is an issue for my business, having Jones Tool move the product for us throughout the process saves us shipping costs as well.

Jones Tools has been a partner of ours since 2007. They have been instrumental in machining several parts that have helped me grow our store 200% over the past 8 years.

- Ben N.

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Jones Tools & Manufacturing provided the following services: Custom fasteners, bolts, modifying standard fasteners, spacers, bushings on Vertical machining centers (Argo Seiki APC-56) and CNC turning centers (Mori Seiki NLX2500/700 SY)