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CNC Machining CompanyJones Tools & Manufacturing specializes in custom-made, precision component parts for industrial and commercial applications. Since 1972, our goal has been to exceed expectations by delivering high-quality products while meeting deadlines. Our clients include mining companies, defense contractors, furniture manufacturers and mechanical integration firms.

As part of our commitment to quality workmanship and responsive service, we are continually expanding our capabilities. With our in-house technologies and experienced staff, we are equipped to work with most metals—from traditional ferrous metals to aluminum, brass and a wide range of alloys.

There are occasions when some metal finishing process requests will require outsourcing. Through our connections with other businesses in the industry, we are able to fulfill such special processing requests. Our flexibility enables us to keep you on schedule and ahead of the competition, typically for less than what other component part manufacturers would charge.

Some of our services include:

  • Heat Treating Metal - Heat treating is a process to strengthen metals by changing their physical and sometimes chemical structure. Steel, aluminum, and other materials can all be heat treated in order to provide it with a newfound hardness capable of withstanding some of the most brutal of conditions. Repeated heating and cooling of whatever metal is in question is an art form that Joe’s Tools & Manufacturing takes pride in being the best. Our heat treatments include annealing, case hardening, tempering, precipitation strengthening, and quenching to ensure the best results on your metal project. We are constantly evolving our skills, making our services better and better each day.
  • E-Coating Suppliers - Also known as electrocoating, electropainting, and electrophoretic lacquering, e-coating is a process by which metal can be painted using an electric shock and ionized water. This technique is perfect for metals which are resistant and extremely hard to coat in a more traditional way. Excess paint is put back into circulation during the process, leading to very little waste throughout the proces. A large advantage of e-coating over other plating methods is the ability to control the coating thickness. For any e-coating service project, large or small, our team will provide you with unmatched personal service.
  • Metal Plating - Sometimes the treating and coating of a particular metal with another can provide altered results. At Jones Tools, we are able to work with gold, silver, zinc, chromium, copper, and nickel. Each metal has different advantages for different component parts. Pure gold industrial products not economically feasible, but gold plating metals can increase their overall strength. Nails and other outdoor materials galvanized with zinc ensure a weatherproofed surface  that is not prone to rust. The metal plating possibilities are endless depending on what exactly it is that you are attempting to achieve. For the best in metal plating, we are the company to choose.
  • Anodizing - If you are seeking anodizing services, chances are that you already know about the extremely complex process. When you anodize a metal, most often aluminum, you are effectively treating the surface area of the material in order to make it more resistance to the elements. This eliminates higher levels of rust, corrosion, and damage from caustic environmental materials. We here at Jones Tools & Manufacturing are the chosen professional when it comes to metal anodization.
  • Deburring - Unwanted metal burrs are not only a pesky nuisance, they impact performance by creating excess friction and other negative consequences. Whether you are tired of stripping screws, frustrated with infected metal splinters, or simply don’t want to take the time to painstakingly deburr yourself; give Jones Tools & Manufacturing a call today. Our metalworkers will work efficiently to get your component parts cleaned on time.
  • Centerless Grinding - Centerless grinding is a gradually acquired skill possessed only by the best machinists, like those employed by Jones Tools. It is easy to tell the difference between amateurs and professionals. Centerless grinding is used in metal-work processes requiring an extreme amount of accuracy such as hypodermic syringes, bowling balls, precision “round bar” and other items that are required to be near perfect. Our trained professionals offer centerless grinding for a variety of parts and functions.
  • Laser Cutting - For a precise, clean way to sever through most all metals laser cutting can be the optimum choice. The process of laser cutting is exactly as it sounds; a highly focused laser is used to cut, bore, gouge, or manipulate most standard forms of metal. It is beneficial since cuts are usually more precise and provide a cleaner edge that requires little to no amounts of deburring. Unlike a grinding wheel or traditional blade a laser is not prone to dulling mid-process, and materials generally contain lower levels of contamination. For top notch laser cutting services talk to a Jones Tool associate today.
  • Bending - Metal-bending is the process by which thin sheets of metal are precisely altered by some form of bending. Anything from duct work, metal soffit, and more may be bent in order to properly fit in a particular area or serve a specific machine function. Metal breaks and other sophisticated tools can be utilized in order to complete this process. When it comes to bending expensive and rare metals mistakes can be costly. Don’t waste large sheets of metal by messing up on something as simple as your bends. Instead hire the professionals at Jones Tools & Manufacturing.
  • Screw Machine Parts - Dealing with oddly shaped, discontinued, or wrong sized screws and could use replacements? The experts at Jones Tools and Manufacturing can custom machine most any screw no matter the specifications. Weather you need prototype parts, the peace of mind in reserve screw caches, or even want better quality screws than those currently in your possession, Jones Tools and Manufacturing promises to deliver. Our parts, with their guaranteed American-made quality, will definitely increase the operational life of your machines. This means that your company will spend more time making you money, and less time losing production due to a single pesky screw. Contact our team with your specifications today!
  • Production Sawing - Some industrial parts simply must be tailor made for your needs. Custom part creation can be necessary for a variety of reasons. Factory replacement parts can dry up, precision may be of the upmost importance, or maybe the equipment has been altered “in house” in a way that traditional replacement parts no longer fit. Whatever the reason, Jones Tools & Manufacturing promises to utilize its large collection of different industrial saws to create almost any part your business requirements.
  • CNC Milling and Machining - If accuracy is your number one priority, sometimes it is necessary to go above and beyond the expertise of the human eye. With technology constantly evolving CNC (Consumer Numerical Control) milling and machining uses high tech software to operate a system of gouges, lasers, and other machining tools to provide parts that demonstrate an unprecedented level of accuracy that was previously unthinkable. CNC is an extremely difficult process beginning with the initial design phase. Equipment is costly, normally requiring that an established business who has proper training be used in order to guarantee success. Aerospace parts, firearm components, and many other forms of industry that deal with tiny delicate components often require a great deal of CNC milling and machining to carry out their day-to-day functions.
  • CNC Turing and Lathe Work - CNC can also apply to turning and lathe work as well. This type of machining is where a particular piece of metal is rapidly rotated in a piece of machinery called a lathe and then machined to the customer’s exact specifications. Lathe work is beneficial because it creates an equal, uniform surface area on all sides of whatever part is in question. Many of the same industries that use CNC milling and machining also use CNC turning and lathe work for spherical and multidimensional pieces that require accuracy that is not detectable by the naked eye. Jones Tools & Manufacturing can help you out with your CNC turning and lathe work, so feel free to contact our team any time.  

One of the advantages to working with Jones Tools & Manufacturing is we can assist you throughout the entire component part process—from the bar stock to the metal finish. When you choose to work with us, we are confident in our ability to deliver for you.

Contact us today for CNC machining, laser cutting or metal finishing for quality custom component part solutions.