Anodizing Aluminum to Perfection

Anodized CNC Machined PartsAnodizing can be complicated. It passivizes electrolytes to boost the thickness of the oxide level on metal. It changes the microscopic texture and crystal structure of the metal surface. The anodizing process is complex and should be completed by professional anodizers of aluminum products.  Jones Tools & Manufacturing utilizes skilled, anodizing experts who know the process inside and out.

Effective Anodizing Protects and Prepares Metal

Anodizing is frequently used to treat aluminum, protecting its surface. The metal resists corrosion more effective and wears more slowly. It’s essential to understand the process and its potential as well as its limitations. Sometimes anodizing actually makes the metal more susceptible to corrosion. Many products being processed with metalworking are anodized so glue or paint will adhere more effectively. Jones Tools & Manufacturing assures a finished process which delivers the exact needs of each customer.

We Keep Customers Fully Informed and Completely Satisfied

Complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed at Jones Tools & Manufacturing, no matter how complex the process is. Our job is to provide the precise component you depend on. All projects are quoted in advance and given a firm production schedule. Throughout the manufacturing process, our machine part specialists keep customers informed of every step of the way. The result is precision component part and a completely satisfied customer.

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