Centerless Grinding

Centerless Grinding Services Available with Faster Lead Times and Better Value

Centerless Grinding CNC Machined PartsThe equipment for centerless grinding is almost always virtually the same. The difference is the skill and experience of the operator. Expert and experienced metalworkers are utilized for precise centerless grinding services to deliver nothing less than excellence providing our customers with consistent high quality component parts.

The operator is key. There is no spindle or fixture to locate and secure the piece. It remains between two grinding wheels. Their speed (and their placement in relation to each other) will determine the grinding rate. Proper placement, speed and alignment of both the grinding wheel and the regulating wheel are essential. Usually, clients prefer this process if a lot of parts have to be machined in a short amount of time. Jones Tools & Manufacturing will deliver the needed quality, the needed quantity and the needed time of delivery.

Custom Production Grinding with Unmatched Results

Operator skill is a trademark of Jones Tools & Manufacturing. We have earned an excellent reputation as a skilled machine part manufacturer. Our operators know how to get the finest results from our equipment which is some of the best in the world. Our executives constantly monitor the metalworking industry to secure the latest advancements in every aspect of the trade. We eagerly upgrade our procedures to offer even higher levels of production quality and customer service to our clients. We shorten production schedules, lower your costs and increase the life of your products. Centerless grinding is an important service and one of the many metalworking processes we can offer – at the highest skill levels and most affordable prices you will find anywhere.

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