E-Coating Suppliers

E-Coating Is Effective and Environmentally Safe

Electroplating CNC Machined PartsE-coating (electrodeposition) uses electrical current to deposit paint, consisting of pretreatment, electrocoat bath, post rinse and baking (or curing). It’s a cross between painting and plating. E-coat at Jones Tools delivers many advantages to you. It resists corrosion, provides a smooth, even coat and is completely environmentally safe. The process generates little or no hazardous air pollutants, volatile organic compounds, and complies with all RoHS, OSHA and EPA standards. The skilled and experienced craftsmen at Jones Tools are experts in E-coating.

Electroplating for Engineered Plating Solutions

With electroplating, almost all unused paint is recovered ensuring the amount of paint is precisely controlled.  There is minimal waste compared to powder or paint overspray and possible to coat many parts at once with its inter-coat adhesion. E-coat can be used as a primer for almost all applications making your part or product last longer with its durable, lasting finish. Electroplating is an advanced method of metal finishing providing a higher quality of finish. In addition, your finishing costs will be reduced.  Jones Tools and Manufacturing assures you of the finest metalworking quality.  We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified, recognizing our CNC machining facility as one of the highest quality, world-class manufacturing capabilities.

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