Heat Treating Metal

Qualified Heat Treating Metal Experts Deliver Top-Quality Metalworking Services

Heat Treating CNC Machined PartsHeat treating changes the mechanical properties of metal, adjusting its toughness, hardness, strength, toughness, elasticity and ductility to within precise targets. Precision and accuracy are essential. Jones Tools & Manufacturing employs experienced and capable operators to deliver the exact results you specify. Heat treatments can include annealing, case hardening, tempering, precipitation strengthening and quenching. Whatever your needs, Jones Tools & Manufacturing has the heat treating capabilities to achieve your goals. The size or complexity of your order doesn’t matter.  Each project will receive the same high level of production skill and dedication.

Each Part Receives the Closest Heat Treating Attention

Jones Tools & Manufacturing has an excellent reputation for providing high quality heat treating with outstanding customer service. Our customers know their parts will get the care and attention needed to assure they perform as needed. We provide unparalleled customer service, the finest quality metalworking services and competitive, consistent pricing. From the first time you contact us all the way through production and delivery, we will exceed your highest expectations. Our unique capabilities have been developed over many years. Jones Tools and Manufacturing meets all standards to be fully ISO 9001: 2008 certified. We serve you with world-class manufacturing capabilities. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed without condition.  Jones Tools & Manufacturing is your best source for top-quality metal heat treating services.

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