Metalworking Bending Requires Precision

Metalworking which involves bending must produce precise results for a properly functioning product.  The process delivers sheet metal or comparable material into a V-shape, U-shape, channel shape or a more sophisticated result along a straight axis. Bending work requires exacting work with advanced equipment to deliver the precision component parts.

Skilled Metalworkers Use State-of-the-Art Equipment for Best Results

Metal BendingSkilled and capable metalworkers have the hands-on experience and skill to deliver outstanding results for each and every finished piece in even the highest-volume project. They can overcome complex challenges received from many different customers, some local and others halfway around the world. Jones has earned an outstanding reputation as a dependable supplier of the finest-quality products. While proud of these achievements, we constantly monitor the metalworking industry for new breakthroughs to help us provide even more improvements to our customers.

Precise Bending Helps Assure a Top-Quality Final Result

Bending metal is nearly always an early process in any manufacturing cycle. If it isn’t accurately performed, the rest of the project is sure to be negatively affected. Jones Tools & Manufacturing not only delivers precise results every time, we guarantee them. Our specialists remain in close contact with each client during the entire process, from the initial order right through to actual delivery. As a leading CNC machining company in Wisconsin, we guarantee –accurate and high quality machined parts on time, every time.

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