Metal Plating

Metal Plating Services at the Highest Level of Quality

When customers want the surface of metal specially treated with another metal such as chromium or zinc, they come to Jones Tools & Manufacturing. Electrolyte plating is excellent to improve product appearance as well as reduce its potential for corrosion. A thin layer of metal must be bonded onto the surface. It must be done well. Jones Tools & Manufacturing utilizes expert metalworking professionals who do it best.

Metal Plating Bonds a Variety of Metals

Metal Plating CNC Machined PartsAll sorts of metals can be involved in adding a layer to existing metal – gold, silver, zinc, chromium, copper, nickel. There is a legion of available processes. Jones Tools & Manufacturing can do them all. Our metal plating professionals have decades of practical, hands-on experience with even the most complex processes. They know what to do and how to do it. Customers often benefit from their informed perspectives on various plating approaches. Production quality is enhanced while speed is improved and costs are reduced-all of which Jones Tools & Manufacturing is most proud of.

Metal Finishing Services

Customers often turn to Jones Tools & Manufacturing for complex component parts. They know we deliver the product they need at a price which is affordable. All work is firmly quoted in advance with an agreed-upon production schedule. Complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed at Jones Tools & Manufacturing. We are the leading source for world-class component part manufacturing.

Contact the component part manufacturers today for more information about electroplating or any other metal finishing process and receive a free quote.
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